Mariella Smith for Hillsborough County Commission

Tampa Bay Times recommends Mariella Smith

Tampa Bay Times recommends Mariella Smith

“Mariella Smith is among the best local candidates to come along in years. Her knowledge of the issues and commitment to improve the county’s quality of life make her uniquely suited for public office.” (See the full article.)

Congresswoman Kathy Castor & Mariella Smith

Congresswoman Kathy Castor & Mariella Smith

Congresswoman Kathy Castor Endorses Mariella Smith

“Mariella Smith is a champion for citizens, our neighborhoods, a healthy environment and a strong local economy. She has a deep understanding of how to move Hillsborough County forward on transportation, smart growth, the environment, and economic prosperity. She is a vigilant advocate for open and honest government and an outspoken partner on issues important to Hillsborough families. I have seen firsthand how she is not afraid to stand up to powerful special interests. I strongly endorse and support Mariella Smith for Hillsborough County Commission.”

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County Commissioner, Pat Kemp

County Commissioner Pat Kemp

“For decades, Mariella Smith has been a community leader and a tireless advocate for our neighborhoods and our environment. She has worked hard for smart growth management and transportation options that will get us out of gridlock. I look forward to working with her on affordable housing and an economy that will benefit everyone. Mariella Smith will be a voice for equality for all the citizens of Hillsborough County.”

County Commissioner Les Miller

“I’ve seen Mariella Smith come forward countless times as a community leader supporting better transportation and transit, and environmental protection. Mariella has worked for a stronger, more diverse economy and a better quality of life in Hillsborough County. She will be a strong advocate for good jobs, affordable housing, equality and human rights, so that opportunities to prosper in Hillsborough County will be open to everyone.” (see full statement)

Linda Saul-Sena

Former City Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena

“Mariella has been working for better transportation and better growth management for a long time. She is a smart, staunch advocate for multi-modal transportation including mass transit and safe bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure.”

Ruth's List Florida

Ruth’s List Florida

“Mariella Smith is a dynamic leader who supports equal opportunity for all and stands up to special interests. The Ruth’s List community — now tens of thousands members strong — is excited to support her candidacy.”
— Pam Goodman, Executive Director, Ruth’s List Florida (see full statement)

Sierra Club Endorsed

Sierra Club

“For decades Mariella Smith has advocated for smart growth policies that include public transportation and environmental protection. The challenges facing Hillsborough County demand the fresh ideas, honest debate and unwavering courage Sierra has come to expect from Mariella Smith.”
— Kent Bailey, Chair, Tampa Bay Sierra Club (see full statement)

International Union of Operating Engineers

International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 487

(see full statement)


Teamsters Local Union 79

MDF endorsed

Muslims for Democracy and Fairness

Florida Sentinel Bulletin endorsed

Florida Sentinel Bulletin

Equality Florida endorsed

Equality Florida

Mariella Smith is committed to Equality and Human Rights for all.

Hillsborough County Democratic Black Caucus

Hillsborough County Democratic Black Caucus

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

Environmental Caucus Endorsed

Democratic Environ­mental Caucus of Florida

Florida LGBTA Dems

Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus