La Gaceta Endorses Mariella Smith

I’m proud to have earned endorsements from the 3 newspapers serving our diverse community: the Tampa Bay Times, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin, and La Gaceta! The third one, La Gaceta, is the Tampa-based tri-lingual newspaper that serves the Hispanic communities of Central Florida. They say:

“The easy choice in this race is Mariella Smith. She is a fourth-generation Tampa native. She is from a Cuban mother and an Anglo father. For years, she fought, cajoled and worked with city, county and state governments to help the neighborhoods in which she lived and the issues for which she is passionate. She is knowledgeable and willing to compromise but committed to her beliefs of what makes a community better. She would be a welcome addition to the County Commission. La Gaceta confidently endorses Mariella Smith for District 5.

Endorsed August 10, 2018 & October 12, 2018.