La Gaceta Endorses Mariella Smith

La Gaceta is the Tampa-based tri-lingual newspaper that serves the Hispanic communities of Central Florida. They say:

“Democrat incumbent Mariella Smith is being challenged by Republican Donna Cameron Cepeda.

We are not sure if Cepeda understands the rule of a county commissioner. On her website, she says we need to protect our borders. Are there too many Pasco citizens sneaking into New Tampa? She believes that life begins at conception, but what does that have to do with the County Commission? She also wants to stop the “Transgenderism Agenda” in our schools. Maybe she should run for School Board. When she does focus on county issues, she’s against the transportation tax and believes there is plenty of money in the County budget to address our transportation needs.

Smith is razor focused on the role of the County Commission in shaping our county’s future. She wants to control our growth and protect our environment. She wants to make sure we have affordable housing. She wants transparency and accountability.

Smith’s family has deep roots here and she is of Cuban heritage. She is smart and knows how to advance her issues.

La Gaceta endorses Mariella Smith for County Commission District 5.