Mariella Smith Files to run for County Commission

Mariella Smith has filed to run for Hillsborough County Commission

MARIELLA SMITH, a long-time advocate for smart growth management, transportation solutions and environmental protection, has filed to run for election to the Hillsborough County Commission, in District 6, which is countywide. The at-large seat is being vacated next year by Commissioner Pat Kemp due to term limits. Mariella Smith previously served as a countywide commissioner from 2018 to 2022.

During her term she worked to curb sprawl and to force developers to pay more of their fair share of roads, schools, and other infrastructure needed for growth. She has made county government more transparent and accessible to residents, and spearheaded changes to give people more input into development decisions that affect their neighborhoods.

A fourth-generation Tampa native with Cuban heritage, now residing in South County, Smith has worked on Community Plans and neighborhood issues from Ruskin to Tampa to Keystone, and she has stood up for environmental protections across the county from Cone Ranch to Cockroach Bay. A community activist for years, with a broad countywide perspective, Smith is a staunch advocate for the county’s citizens and local businesses.

The Tampa Bay Times said in their endorsement of her previous run, “Mariella Smith is one of those smart, forward-looking leaders that local governments need more of. Her rounded vision and sense of fair play are essential for a countywide commissioner.”

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